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Maria Fernandez RN, BSN, IBCLC

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Home & Virtual Breastfeeding Support

I am so happy you found my website, if you are here today you probably need some sort of lactation support. I am here to assist you on your breastfeeding journey and will take great care to accomplish this in a nurturing, compassionate manner.

Breastfeeding is the most natural way for babies to receive nutrition, it is the biological norm providing species-specific benefits for your new baby. Breastfeeding protects the baby with so many wonderful health benefits decreasing the risks of many diseases. Learning the process to breastfeed can be challenging for a new mom.

It is my priority to address your needs and concerns and help you take the essential steps to achieve your infant feeding goals.

It may be assistance with strategies latching your baby at the breast, pumping, or formula supplementation and bottle feeding.

Every family has specific needs, together we will discover your optimal feeding plan.

I'm a mom too! I've had many challenges and know how difficult it can be to provide breastmilk to your baby without adequate support.

I've helped and provided lactation support to a myriad of mothers and families with breastfeeding difficulties and have witnessed how many mothers second guess their abilities.

It is my mission to empower you to trust your instincts and believe in yourself.

I would be honored to be part of your breastfeeding journey. Let's do this together!

Breastfeeding can be easy when you know how!

A private lactation consult is helpful when

  • Your baby is not latching on or is not nursing well within 48 hours

  • You have sore nipples

  • You have a low supply of breastmilk

  • You have an oversupply of breastmilk

  • Breastfeeding hurts

  • You want to start combo feed (breast and bottle)

  • You want to start pumping

  • You want to exclusively pump

  • Your breasts are engorged

  • You have a plugged duct or a red area on your breast

  • You have had two or more difficult feeds in a row

  • Your baby is refusing to nurse

  • Your baby is not having at least two yellow bowel movements in a 24-hour period, after the third day

  • Your baby is sleepy and has fewer than 8 feeds in 24 hours

  • Your baby chokes or gags at the breast

  • You are planning to return to work or school


"Lost hope...
Baby girl didn’t latch right away and so I began exclusively pumping. For 8 weeks baby girl was fed breast milk with a bottle. It wasn’t until Maria came in to help that I was finally able to breastfeed. It was an emotionally and physically exhausting process requiring different approaches, but Maria was optimistic and confident we would figure it out. She was available to talk whenever I needed it and offer tips and advice. She was often just an ear to listen to my concerns. I had given up hope of being able to breastfeed baby girl, worrying I would be hooked up to a pump for the life of giving baby milk, but Maria helped to make it possible to do both."

"Very happy & satisfied ...
My husband and I are very Happy and Comfortable with Ms. Maria’s service. She really took her time and explained to us in a very clear and understandable way. Also, we appreciate that she is bilingual (Spanish speaking). Thank you very much, Maria. Definitely will recommend her. Very professional!"


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